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Welcome to the Slater Laverda website!

Nothing sounds sweeter than a Laverda on song, on the open road. But clocking up the miles means the inevitable wear and tear.

Sooner or later even the most cherished machine will need new parts to keep it in tune. That's when you should call Slater Laverda. Because we have the biggest collection of original spares in the country. ( But that isn't surprising when you consider that we've been the only factory appointed importer of Laverda spares since 1970 ).

We also engineered and developed such variations on the theme as the Jota, Montjuic and Mirage. 

Laverda Motorcycles
Telephone Number

+44 (0)1885 410295

Opening Hours:
Tues - Fri ( 9.30 - 4.00 )
( by appointment )
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